Task 10-

Shipping And Payment

After making the selection of the respective medicine, and placing an order with Generic Medikal(GM), the dispatch of the particular takes place within 6 hours. All the necessary details regarding the dispatch will be sent to the customer’s E-mail ID.

You will also be able to take the benefit of our 24x 7 customer care service that will enable you to get in touch with any of the queries you want to make and get clarification on the same. The flexible delivery system called as airmail that allows packages to get delivered inconvenient way and in the hands of the users.

The respective mail service requires some authentication that users have to do by sign up and hence acknowledge the parcel.

There can be some situations at times where the user can go to the respective post office to receive the parcel. The time taken for delivering process is 4 weeks and the entire process takes up to 6 weeks and within the time frame if the user is unable to get the delivery then it will be returned to us.

Clauses Of Refund (Generic Medikal)

It may happen at a time that the parcel for delivery can be in the damaged and deformed state due to the shipping process as it has to undergo a certain level while reaching you.

Also, the case can occur when you do not get the parcel, in that condition the respective buyers have nothing to do with it.

Generic Medikal will help the buyers to get the respective orders and in case of refund assistance.

To apply for the procedure of refund, the customer should wait for minimal 30 days of orders and later on proceed with the refund procedure.

You will also be able to get a refund if in case you got any wrong order.

You will be eligible for the refund only when the parcel is in good condition that includes sealed, unopened/unused.

Reshipment Of The Orders

Generic Medikal will solely depend upon the reshipments of all your orders that are not delivered due to any of the reasons. This happens in the case of undelivered or in a damaged state.

The team will be in need to know the detailed information about the delivery after 8 weeks of the respective delivery.

The process will start as soon as you place your request. We will take all your consideration while making your request happen.

After the scheduled period that is 8 weeks, no request will get entertained and no action can be taken place. So it is advisable to take the necessary step within the stipulated period.

Important keys that need to be kept in mind include


You must note the date of the respective product that is being delivered.

The delivery days are extended in the duration of natural calamities, in case of war, attacks, and floods in different areas this is counted (if the order is delayed for more than 7 business days).

If this happens then buyers have to send the respective details to Generic Medikal within 8 weeks from the actual date of purchase.

If all the above conditions met with the requirement then the shipment will proceed with 7 days after the report has been generated. If you have given the wrong address wherein we are unable to deliver to the right place then additional charges will be placed to the users respectively.

Payments Of The Orders

Security is the matter with every user that they think while making a transaction online, with Generic Medikal you will be assured and hence you can make a safe and secure payment online. all details are encrypted which they enter while making the transaction along with other details.

You can use any type of kind for making payment, so with this, you will be at much ease.

The card options include- Master cards, Debit cards, Credit cards, American express cards.

The payment can be made through secured gateways and hence you do not have to worry about your card details.

Also, you can make a payment 24×7.

You need to wait for 10 to 15 minutes to create the vouchers, promotion limits, vouchers, etc.

Cancellation Policy with Generic  Medikal

When you are using service with us, we assured you to get all the potential services securely and safely.

There can be many steps that you need to go on while making a purchase and we assist you in every single step.

At some point, your order may get cancelled and hence you need to look for some points that have been added to our policy section.

There could be a chance of cancellation of the product if it is not available in the stock. Hence you need not worry about the same.

A valid reason can list in the cancellation process to make the change and hence it makes us cancel the order appropriately.

With Generic Medikal you will be able to place your order in prepaid mode and if your payment is not fulfilled then your order with also be not placed.

After you complete your process of order, if the order is placed successfully then there will be a receipt generated at the end of the process, and if not then the order will get cancel.

You will have the option of our customer care service 24×7 therein you will get the assistance of every product and query you have.

Your feedback is what makes us on top, while with this we try to improve our services each day while serving you better.


With us, you will no doubt get the satisfactory result and the one who has placed the orders or has used our service has shown believes in us and this is what makes to serve you better.

We make sure to give you 100 percent surety in terms of our service.

If you have found a delay in the delivery of the product then you can connect with our customer service and we will try to help you out in the utmost care.

We assure you to give you full support and make sure you get the product at your homeplace.


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