Terms and Condition

General Information about Generic Medikal

Generic Medikal Provides an FDA approved medicine worldwide and after providing the respective drug we do not take the liability of any accident or injuries that could take place after buying the drugs specially buy Sildenafil, tadalafil, careprost and many more. Also, our staff is not also responsible for the same.

So it is always advisable to take necessary consultation from the doctor before purchasing any medicines from us. Since while you look at the drug there is necessary information present with them but it is not the case that it works well for you hence advice from a doctor is a must.

The website contained detailed information about the respective medicines but also communicating with the doctor will help you to lead a healthy life.

You can take the reference from the website that can help you in terms of pictures available, visual representation, images, and so on but in originality, it might differ in appearance.

The prices that you can see present on Generic Medikal is in USD and can be changed as per our convenience and also any prior notice is not needed in such a case.

We can deny any specific customization from the client end can be denied. Our cancellation policy is intact and we hold rights to deny the request in case of canceling the order.

A full refund will be made when the order gets canceled through our website.

The provided information on the website is for reference purposes and hence care should be taken and before purchasing any drugs it is necessary to get the complete detailed analysis and opt as per the need.

Collection of Data and its Uses:

While browsing and shopping with us you can make sure that all your data are safe and secured. Your personal details would only be asked in the case you would require any consultation from a specialist.

While ordering for any drug you would require to sign up/make an account through which you can buy drugs.

You need to mention your E-mail address, shipping address, payment methods to give us ease to deliver your product.

E-mail is important as it will help you to place an order in an effective way.

Security-related to the website

The details which you provide while ordering is kept confidential. We use SSL to make the information presented in a secure manner.

This particular encryption shows that each and every detail are in a safe hand.

Your card details are stored in a safe database that is different.


Orders and Policies related to Shipping

The price of the medicine depends upon the weight and the location of the user where it needs to be sent.

The order you can receive is in between 7-14 business days.

So it is always advisable to look for the time and days that can be managed and order the respective medicines.

Shipping Details:

Shipping Charges:

The shipping case in Generic Medikal depends upon different prospects, the charges depend upon the mode of shipping.

There can be many addresses shared by clients that include such as P.O.box address, military address, home address, which is given by them.

The different address shows different prices and also changes from time to time. So it is always advisable for the individual to check the price according to their location to avoid any confusion regarding the same.

Shipping Address: 

You will be asked the shipping address after you have placed the order. In the case, you are an existing user of our website your details will be already mentioned and if you want any alteration before placing an order you can do and if not then any new user needs to be registered with us.

All the medicine present are FDA approved so you can be sure about the quality.

Delays because of Custom:

It can be the case in the delay with the orders because of the customs department of the various city. Generic Medi holds no responsibility in the same case.

In this case of delay, we take no charge and it can happen at any time and at any place. In case of delay, more than 7 days people are requested to wait additionally before taking the step of the reshipment process.

Custom Charges:

The person needs to pay the customer charge every time an individual is ordering something. And the thing is that the user pays these charges as it is a part of the process.

Drug Policies:

Generic Medikal follows the strict rule in case of drug policy. We do not sell any restricted products to our clients



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